Family Ties

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life can get pretty busy when trying to balance home life, a day job and my photography. I've heard people say it's 'just taking a picture' but it's [tremendously] more than that. It requires so many dedicated hours to hone skills with my camera, meet with clients and work with the new technology. Even the word 'hone' sounds unpleasant doesn't it?

At times when it gets so hectic, I need to step back and revisit the reasons I wanted to pursue photography as a business in the first place. Relax. Focus.

Sort. It. Out.

So...a  little family birthday party was just what I needed. So many laughs. BIG laughs! My son showing us how his shirt is busting at the seams now that he's roomies with Nonna and being spoiled with her amazing Italian cooking. My brothers and their families. My gorgeous niece. Her friends.
And taking pictures....just for fun.


Winter Bokeh

Friday, November 26, 2010

The snow forecast turned to rain. Freezing rain. School buses were cancelled and my schedule was quickly adjusted. The weather has changed three times in the last 3 hours from rain, to snow and now it's in simmer mode. You know something is going to happen but it's any ones guess what and when. And so we wait.

But I did manage to capture a rather pretty bokeh earlier on. 

Weather Forecast - SNOW

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I guess we won't see these little guys for months so I'll post one last flower to tide me over until spring. It's kind of exciting to think what I'll find to photograph as the snow begins to fall and where inspiration will come from. Stay tuned!   

Networking for Ottawa Wedding and Events Professionals

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This week I attended "Networking for Ottawa Wedding & Event Professionals" arranged by Ottawa event planner Wendy Leung and her company Wendy has a passion for organizing and hosting wonderful functions where people in similar industries can get together to network and showcase their businesses . I met many new people, some of which I will work with in the near future. The night was vidoetaped by Ottawa videographer Sylvain Renaud and here is his recap of the evening:

If you look really quickly about the 57 second mark you'll notice me chatting with Sylvain's wife Caroline who is also a videographer for their business. 

It was a great social event and I'm planning to attend a few more that are scheduled in the next coming months. You should check Wendy's website to see what Beyond Events can offer!

Looking at Old Photos.

Monday, November 15, 2010

There are tens of thousands of photos on my computer and I've been looking back at them recently to compare some of my old shots to my newer ones. I have definite favorites and then there are many that I liked but never really shared on the blog for no special reason other than being busy working on other things.

There was always something about THIS picture that I liked because I was trying to create a shot with a Tuscan feel. I managed a bit of grainy texture to it which only enhances the feel of the shot and I was happy the way it turned out. So this picture is much older than what I've been posting but I still like it's  rustic Italian feel ...

I wonder if they always knew?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

                                              That they would be each others 'forever' love?

Fall Family Portrait Session

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

...and look who said he wasn't photogenic!! 

This summer Ottawa had the MOST amazing weather that stretched on into September & October and that was probably a factor why the beautiful fall foliage was just a bit off. The leaves changed to reds and golds later than normal and fell off the trees faster than normal. But as luck would have it, I had a family portrait session booked just when the leaves were their most colorful. Connie's three teenage boys were less than impressed by 'leaves' [as their mom and I were] after being dragged out of bed on a weekend but they were good sports. Once they realized that they couldn't go back to bed, they rocked it out. The pictures were just easy & relaxed, like they were modelling for A&F and I love that. Thanks to the Evans family for an awesome shoot!